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Artists with Famous Fast Food Chain Meals

As many people know, several artists have or once had meals inspired by them sold at famous fast food chains. Artists such as Saweetie, BTS, and Travis Scott are some of the most recent ones. McDonalds and Burger Kind advertised meals for them.

Artists and their Fast Food Chain Meals- Saweetie

28 year old rapper, Saweetie recently had a meal at McDonald’s, one of the most famous fast food chains known for making artist specialty meals. This meal contained a Big Mac, french fries, a four-piece nugget, and Tangy BBQ Sauce. There was also extras including “Saweetie n Sour” sauce (originally sweet n sour) and a sprite. This fast food meal is for anyone who is a BBQ lover.

Saweetie Says Her New Partnership With McDonald's Was A 'Match Made In Heaven'


BTS, Korean Pop group got more attention after their meal was released in the summer of 2021. Their meal consisted of  10-piece chicken nuggets, medium french fries, a medium coke, and Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces for dipping. Sweet chili sauce is a popular seasoning in Asia. This meal is for anyone who likes sweet sauce with a little kick of spice to complement their chicken.

What's in the BTS Meal at McDonald's? Some disappointment - Los Angeles Times

Travis Scott

McDonald’s sponsored Travis Scott as well. Last year, the meal created for him contained a quarter pounder with bacon, a medium sprite, and fries with BBQ sauce. However, his meal was on the market for about a month. That is not to say that one can’t technically order it later on, it just will no longer have his name attached to it. Which is what makes these meals special to these celebrities followings.

Travis Scott McDonald's meal: Demand higher than expected, selling out

Celebrity titled products such as perfumes and clothing are no stranger to being a good seller. However, now food chains are increasingly doing the same thing. This idea seemed relatively new when Dunkin’ Donuts created the Charli D’Amelio-inspired drink, the “Charli” in Fall 2020.

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