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Boys World Return With “Mantrum”

Pop girl group Boys World released their newest single “Mantrum,” their first since summer 2022’s “SO WHAT.”

Pop girl group Boys World released their newest single “Mantrum,” their first since summer 2022’s “SO WHAT.”
Photo: @boysworld On Twitter.

We’ve Missed You, Boys World!

Boys World is back! After six months of no signs of new music, the girl group has finally released a new single. And fans have been waiting for a while for that to happen! “SO WHAT” was the group’s lonesome single of 2022, which followed 2021’s earworms “Something in the Water” and “All Me.” But Boys World made sure to start off 2023 strongly, so hopefully “Mantrum” is just the beginning of something awesome!

Explaining “Mantrum”

“Mantrum” stands for a play of words combining the terms “Man” and “Tantrum.” In the song, the girls talk about having just broken up with a guy who didn’t treat them the way they deserve, and now he keeps on making “mantrums” to get them back. “Boy, I ain’t your mama, pull your pants up. ‘Cause I’m so sick and tired of these mantrums,” Boys World sing in the chorus.

“‘Mantrum’ is a song we wrote inspired by those toxic situationships,” Boys World explains. “It’s about being SICK and tired of dealing with emotionally immature people, whether that be an ex or any person who doesn’t treat someone with the respect that they deserve. Whenever one of us is going through a breakup, we always have each other to lean on. We hope that this song brings together all the badass women and friends because we know you can relate!”

Killer Music Video Choreography

The music video for “Mantrum” is directed by Angelica Valente and features Pseudo of Spaced Visuals. Also, choreography by the talented Samantha Caudle. The entire visual takes place in a mechanical workshop, and Boys World show off their dance moves while they sing along to the song. The five of them have the time of their lives while jamming in their car and making sure that their ex gets their message loud and clear. Go take a look! Can you learn this choreography?

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