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Bo Burnham’s Hilariously Great “Outtakes!”

With something as wonderfully genuine, intimate, and down right hilarious as Bo Burnham’s Inside, it was only a matter of time before we got something else from the guy. Releasing THE INSIDE OUTTAKES on May 30th for free on his YouTube channel, the comedian treated us all to an array of hilarious content. 



The Additions: 

Of course, with something like INSIDE being a Grammy award winning work, you’d expect classic bloopers or behind the scenes. OUTTAKES however goes on to give us all of the cut bits, ranging from the aggressively hilarious “The Perfect Peanut Butter Sandwich” to the short and sweet “SPIDER.” Hell, there’s even more songs about Jeffrey Bezos, making a total of FOUR songs about a multimillionaire. Wrap that up in more internet aware bits like “The Dump” and “The Podcast.” You got something perfectly modern and hilarious. Bravo, Bo! Absolutely love this.  

Obviously, this being an hour long video, it doesn’t just include that, but I’d rather you check it out for yourself and laugh with all the surprises. As for my top 3 Bo Burnham bits/songs they’re: 

  • “Five Years” (cause relatable)
  • “Biden”
  • “The Perfect Peanut Butter Sandwich” (also relatable)

The Outcome: 

With a talent like Bo Burnham, you’re bound to have a blast in a musically and up-front way. OUTTAKES is not different from that and it really doesn’t have to be. It’s as much Bo as the original INSIDE and that’s amazing! 

That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.


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