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Scrapped: The End of 2022 And Concert Cancellations

Harry Styles
Harry Styles Los Angeles Concert

As the world is slowly going back to “normal mode” after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are moving at their own pace. For some music artists, this means going right back into the scene, having concerts, and releasing music. For others, the mental impact that the pandemic had on them is still lingering along. As a result, concert cancellations and postponing has been common in 2022.

It seems as though recently everybody has been going through their fair share of life problems. Mental health awareness ads have been promoted everywhere; “free” therapy apps, celebrities being sponsored by medications, awareness commercials, and more.

With things going “back to normal” so quickly after the pandemic, these life problems have been pretty apparent in celebrities.

Post-COVID Plans

When COVID-19 rates began going down and the world began opening up, announcement for concerts, music festivals, and events began pouring out on social media, with celebrities excited to get back to what they were used to.

The excitement was apparently temporary though, as life has a way of humbling people really quickly.

Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny World’s Hottest Tour in Miami

Beginning to mid 2022 saw many post-covid concerts and events. Being that the world was basically locked in for almost 2 years, artists were eager to get back on the stage and vibe with their fans. The concert and rave scene is just one of the perfect ways to get out and connect with other music lovers after being 6 feet apart for so long.

2022 has had many notable concerts that have already occurred, some recent ones including concerts from Harry Styles’ ‘Love On Tour’, Bad Bunny’s ‘World’s Hottest Tour’, Lil Baby & Chris Brown’s ‘One Of Them Ones Tour’, and many more.

Unfortunately, there have also been many concert cancellations and postponements that fans are not happy about.

Tours That Called It Quits

Justin Bieber Postponement

Justin Bieber on day three on Szeged Festival 2022

One of the many long awaited tours over the pandemic includes Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice World Tour’. The tour began on February 18th of 2022 in San Diego, California.

After the “Sorry” singer was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, he began to cancel a lot of shows during June and September. On October 6th, Bieber announced that the remainder of his dates for the tour will be cancelled until March of 2023.

The singer has been going through many mental health issues, as well as dealing with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. In his announcement, he explained “After getting off stage (Rock In Rio), the exhaustion overtook me and I realized that I need to make my health the priority right now.”

Justin Bieber Concert Cancellation

GAYLE Cancellation

GAYLE- Acacia Evans

Another artist who unfortunately had to cancel her tour is pop singer Gayle. The “Abcdefu” singer told her fans “I’m learning how to be an adult and how best to do this life. I love it so much and I’m trying to do it the best way I can.”

Gayle also added to assure fans that she will hit the road next year, and that she’s “working on new music.” At 18 years old, she’s still getting used to the stardom and the success she’s made.


Gayle Concert Cancellation
Posted on @gayle

Shawn Mendes Cancellation

Shawn Mendes Concert Cancellation
Shawn Mendes- Brian Ziff

Singer Shawn Mendes has also cancelled the remainder of his 2022 ‘Wonder: The World Tour’ dates. In his note shared on social

Via @shawnmendes

media, he says “I started this tour excited to finally get back to playing live after a long break due to the pandemic, but the reality is I was not ready for how difficult touring would be after this time away.”

After such a long time being away from the world, stepping on a huge stage in front of thousands of people is intimidating. Mendes kicked off his tour at the end of June 2022. By July 8th he announced that he was postponing three weeks of shows. His reason; struggling with returning to life on the road.

He expresses the difficulty of being away from friends and family after spending so much time at home. He decided, after “speaking with my team and health professionals, I need to take some time to heal and take care of myself and my mental health, first and foremost.”

Lil Baby Concert Cancellation

Lil Baby
From Lil Baby’s “Heyy” video

Most recently, Lil Baby cancelled his headlining performance at the PNE Amphitheatre Breakout Festival. The Breakout Festival tweeted “Lil Baby arrived to Breakout Festival and was unfortunately too sick to perform.”

Lil Baby Cancels Breakout Festival

This caused mayhem with fans, and according to Const. Tania Vistin in a VPD news release, “Dozens of extra officers were redeployed from other areas of the city to restore order, with some officers having bottles and other objects thrown at them.”

The artist apologized on his Instagram story, saying “I would like to start off by saying I truly apologize Vancouver, Canada, the Breakout Festival, and to everyone who was in attendance!”

No More Cancellations

Fans have been very upset with the concert cancellations. It seems as though things have been tough on these artists, and with the times that we’re in, it’s understandable. That doesn’t change the fact that fans are still angry! We’re hoping that things can get better so that we can all enjoy the concert scene again.


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