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Billie Eilish drops new single “NDA”

Billie Eilish dropped her newest single “NDA” from her upcoming sophomore album Happier Than Ever.

On this new track, Eilish uncovers the dark reality of being in the public eye. Eilish opens up about a period of time where she had a stalker outside of her house. “Had to save my money for security,” Billie sings. “Got a stalker walking up and down the street.”

The verses are dark with a deep sub-bass and heavily stacked vocals, but then the song opens up. The chorus begins as this light euphoric cry and lands right back into the heavy drums and bass. In the chorus Finneas and Billie actually use autotune for the first time since the song “8” from Eilish’s debut album.

This new track was accompanied by a self-directed music video that had people questioning whether it was real or not. In the video Eilish stumbles through the middle of the street singing as cars speed past her and around her in the opposite direction. It has been confirmed that the cars were stunt cars, and the video was, in fact, real.

Is Eilish Truly Happier Than Ever?

Eilish has been very vocal about how difficult it was to craft her first album with Finneas, and her documentary emphasized that struggle.

In an interview Eilish did with Zane Lowe from Apple Music, Eilish talks about the process of creating this upcoming album, and how much better it was than the making of her previous album.

“It’s much better…it’s a lot of work and if you want to give your album a life, you’ve got to do stuff to make that happen,” Billie stated. “But the whole process, overall, has been much better, I feel so much more confident, and happy in my life…and my creativity.”

Entering this new era of Billie is already proving to be a wild ride of emotions. However, this project is also proving to be a beautifully crafted and incredibly diverse album.

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