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Beyoncé ties Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney’s Billboard Record

The worldwide superstar Beyoncé has been breaking records since she made her career debut in the platinum selling group, Destiny’s Child. The powerhouse female trio has scored 4 No. 1 hits and 10 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The group split in 2006, and since then Beyoncé has collected several grammy awards as a solo artist.

Her first release of 2022 is the single “Break My Soul.“. The track launched to number 7 on the chart the week of June 30th. With the help of this recent release Beyoncé has now tied Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s Billboard record.

Jackson And McCartney’s Billboard Record

Specifically, Paul McCartney has earned 23 solo top 10 hits and 34 with popular band, The Beatles. On the other hand, Michael Jackson has scored 30 top 10 solo songs and 11 with music group, The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons. Jackson, McCartney and Beyoncé have raised the standards for solo and group music acts today. 

Renaissance by Beyoncé

Beyonce’s new album Renaissance is likely to break more records . Beyonce’s seventh studio album Renaissance, is set to release on July 29th. On her website and Instagram bio she reveals that Renaissance is “Act I.” Although we are unsure sonically how the project will sound, Beyoncé has released the cover art and you can see there are 16 tracks when you go to pre-save Renaissance on Apple Music.

“Break My Soul”

Renaissance features the empowering single “Break My Soul.” Despite the sonics of the track being unexpected, it has dominated the chart since its release. The singer dips her toe into house music for the first time with this record. Beyoncé has proven once again that she can succeed at any genre of music. Click the link below to read more about the single:

The Return of Beyoncé: “Break My Soul”

The Beehive

Beyoncé has amassed an enormous fan base over the past decade. Her fans call themselves the “Beehive” and refer to Beyoncé as Queen Bey. The singer/rapper can truly do it all. Not only does she have an incredible vocal range, but she can also act, dance, and direct films. With help from the Beehive, Beyonce has achieved this Billboard record, tying two incredibly famous male artists.

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