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Zella Day’s “Radio Silence” is A Pro-Choice Anthem

Zella Day has released her newest single, “Radio Silence” and it’s incredibly poignant.

“Radio Silence” and What It Means to Zella Day

American singer-songwriter and musician Zella Day has recently released her latest single, “Radio Silence.” The song has an indie, almost folk, feel to it. With synths, drums, and Day’s airy vocals, “Radio Silence” is melancholic and evocative.

Zella day
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Aside from the single being Day’s first of 2022, it also holds a lot of personal meaning to her. In an interview with Alternative Press, Day talks about how the song is a pro-choice anthem. With the song being released on June 24th—the same day the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade—Day discusses how that impacted her feelings about the song.

“Music and songwriting,” she says, “should be used as a form of healing — whatever it is you need at the time. And so, yes, the song is about my experience in having complications with the pregnancy. It was when I had to make a really important choice for my own sake.” Day hopes “Radio Silence” “resonates with anyone that needs to hear a story among so many stories that desperately need to be told right now in a time like this.”

More To Come

On her YouTube channel, Day released a short that teased a new video for “Radio Silence.” The short looks like part of a music video. Then, a few days later, Day released an acoustic version of “Radio Silence.” While this wasn’t expected, it is certainly a great surprise; Day’s haunting voice is even more beautiful to listen to. The acoustic version emphasizes her quiet rasp and breathy vocals. Check it out below!

However, listeners are still crossing their fingers for a music video from Day. “Radio Silence” represents so much that fans want to see all the work that Day put into it. Hopefully, she’ll release a music video for her single soon. In the meantime, fans can await her upcoming album, Sunday in Heaven.

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