Snail Mail Looks At Relationships With “Madonna”

Snail Mail reinvents herself with her new era "Madonna" single cover - Snail Mail

Lindsey Jordan, or as we know her “Snail Mail,” returns with her new single, Madonna.  The single comes out as the third to her upcoming sophomore album Valentine.  The Maryland-born, Manhattan residing artist is gearing up to release her next album under Matador Records.  The next record follows the release of her debut album Lush under the same record label.  In an interview with Pitchfork, the artist explains that she had a hard emotional time after her first album.  Now, after time to heal, a pandemic, and new relationships Jordan says she is in a place where she can be entirely herself in this new musical era.  On Madonna, you get to see how the 22-year-old artist channels her newfound energy in a relationship covered in a facade.

Madonna is her look at relationships on a pedestal

With Rolling Stone, the musician says that Madonna is “about why love can’t exist between a person and a concept of a person.”  In a very assured way, Jordan explains in the song that she can not love someone based on what she wants that person to be.  Essentially, you can’t love a Madonna when that person is really a Material Girl.  The song is produced by Brad Cook; the musician who worked with Jordan on the previously released singles; title track Valentine and Ben Franklin.  Together, the two create a sensitive indie rock track with lyrics written completely by Jordan herself.  Coupled with the singer’s soft rasp and emotionally specific delivery, the song is a tender listen.

Check out her album on November 5th

This establishing artist is one to have on your radar.  Together with the artist’s other singles, Snail Mail’s new album is checking out to be a soft-rock collection of tracks.  With the intention Jordan puts behind her lyrics and vocals, expect topics that are sensitive and music that is emotionally charged.  Finally, you can expect Snail Mail’s new album on November 5th.  In the meantime check out her tour dates for Europe and the US.

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