December 04, 2022

Bella Kaye Unveils New Single “Never Again”


Emerging artist Bella Kaye shares her new single “Never Again,” following her debut “Psycho Ex,” released in August.

From “Psycho Ex” To “Never Again”

If you’re an avid Music Daily reader, you might remember Bella Kaye. We first highlighted her when she released her debut single “Psycho Ex,” and now she’s back!

Sharing another piece of her life, Bella is speaking about the intense breakup that she went through last year. In “Psycho Ex,” she gave details about the creepy stuff that her ex would do to get a hold of her and her whereabouts. “Never Again” gives listeners more insight into the situation, but from a different perspective.

An Empowering Anthem

In “Never Again,” Bella Kaye makes things clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with her ex anymore. She recapitulates all the bad things that he did to her and that she didn’t deserve. She hopes to never get into that type of situation with another person again. “You said I’ll never find someone like you. But that’s kind of the point. I’ll never let nobody treat me as bad as you did. You made me forget I’m as good as it gets…I lost who I am. No, no, no, never again,” she sings.

“Never Again” is certainly more fast-paced than “Psycho Ex.” Infused with pop-punk synths, it makes the track get the point across and empowers women to stand up to men that are not right for them. Hopefully, this song will help younger girls who are in a similar situation and make them realize how much more they deserve. 

A Little More About Bella Kaye

Emerging as the next pop sensation from Gen Z, Bella Kaye is an 18-year-old dark pop singer-songwriter from Southern California. Drawing on influences such as Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Gracie Abrams, Bella is known for her raw, honest lyrics, infectious melodies, dark soundscapes, and powerful vocals. After experiencing a traumatic breakup that led to her own self-destruction, she is using her gifted storytelling to vulnerably share her story. 



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