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Bella Kaye Shares Debut Single “Psycho Ex”

Emerging pop artist Bella Kaye released her highly-awaited debut single “Psycho Ex.”

Bella Kaye is the New Dark Pop Phenomenon

If you’re a fan of artists like Tate McRae or Maggie Lindemann, you must listen to Bella Kaye. Her influences include Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Gracie Abrams, and we can definitely hear those in her debut track “Psycho Ex.” 

The 18-year-old dark pop singer-songwriter from Southern California doesn’t hold back when it comes to being honest and vulnerable in her music. Her lyrics express her past experiences, which combined with her emotional vocals and infectious melodies make Bella a new artist to keep an eye on.

Writing a Song About Her “Psycho Ex”

In “Psycho Ex,” Bella explains how the most traumatic experience of her life happened. Last year, she went through a hard breakup, and what made things worse was that her ex would not leave her alone after parting ways with him. Just like the song title mentions, he started acting literally like a psycho. He created fake social media accounts just to stalk her after she blocked him, he would try to see her friends’ snaps to see what she was doing, and to make things worse, he once showed up at her house at 4 in the morning. What a creep!

Well, Bella decided to make the best out of a bad situation. How? Writing a song about it! And I must say, it’s amazing. “Psycho Ex” encapsulates what some girls have to go through when the person that’s not the right fit for them doesn’t want to let go, and they don’t even think about the emotional damage that they could be causing that person.

“Last year I went through the hardest year of my life,” Bella shared on her Instagram account. It was rough… I experienced a traumatic breakup that led to my own self-destruction. I’m doing so much better now. I went through a huge shift and I’m so grateful to have processed so much of my feelings through music. I’m so excited to share what’s next.”

And we’re so happy that “Psycho Ex” is finally out! If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure to do so. It’s available on all streaming platforms.

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