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Snoop Dogg Releases “Snoop Loopz” Cereal

Wow. If there was a combination that no one expected, it would be for a rapper to want to hop in a bowl of milk instead of the booth. Yet here we are, eagerly awaiting for Snoop Dogg’s new brand of cereal, “Snoop Loopz.”


Empowering through Cereal

A little over a week ago, rap legend Snoop Dog and hip hop star Master P announced the creation of Broadus Foods. Broadus Foods is a food production business and has currently released the aforementioned Snoop Loopz as well as “Momma Snoop,” which contains numerous breakfast options such as pancake mix, oatmeal, and syrup. After losing his mother in late 2021, Momma Snoop was Snoop Dogg’s tribute to her, as, in Snoop’s words, the company deals more than just with food.


“BROADUS FOODS is more than a family-owned food product company, it’s a movement to making a difference in the lives of families and communities. We stand for integrity, hard work and giving back. We strive to provide foods that are deliciously made with the highest quality. Broadus Foods was founded to continue Mama Snoop’s legacy of her generous love and passion for feeding families in our communities.”


And a difference Snoop is making. Each purchase of Broadus Foods goes to charities such as “Door of Hope,” which supports and provides for the homeless.

snoop loopz

Fruit Loops, But Better?

Snoop Dogg’s latest venture in the culinary world is a cereal that he claims is better than the rest. In a post on Twitter, Master P exclaimed that Snoop Loopz has, “MORE Corn, MORE Flavor & MORE Marshmallows that’s what separates us from the Rest. If you like Fruit Loops then you will LOVE SnoopLoopz!!” The promotional material for the box features an adorable blue husky named “Captain Ace” holding a spoon, ready to chow down on the marshmallows and cereal. It seems Captain Ace is a character in a bigger Snoop Dogg universe, as he is a basketball player on a K-9 team that goes on “mystery adventures.” On the back of the box are mazes and puzzles for users to solve.


Advertised as gluten-free and full of flavor and sweetness, it’s clear that Snoop Loopz will have something for everyone. Additionally, proceeds from Snoop Loopz will support the Future Bosses charity organization.


On Instagram, Master P said that there will be a new flavor of honey oats coming soon, so it will be exciting to see how far this cereal rabbit hole goes for Snoop!


Check out the Snoop Loopz website by clicking here!


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