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Beach Bunny Promotes “Weeds” Off New Album

American indie-rock band Beach Bunny release the hard-hitting "Weeds" ahead of their sophomore album, "Emotional Creature."
Emotional Creature by Beach Bunny // Available Now

American indie-rock band Beach Bunny release the hard-hitting “Weeds” with a music video ahead of their sophomore album, Emotional Creature.

Emotional Creature

Lili Trifilio, the lead singer of Beach Bunny, spoke to New York Times‘s Lindsay Zoldaz about her new project: “It [Emotional Creature] still sounds like Beach Bunny, but it just sounds a little more grown up. Which I’m happy with because I’m growing up.”

From Trifilio’s deadpan, blatant honesty on “Entropy” to the spiraling “Eventually,” the record’s punchy angsty production is straight from a rom-com soundtrack. Think of a combination of Avril Lavigne‘s  Under My Skin (2004) and Alanis Morrissette‘s Jagged Little Pill (1995). However, it fits the TikTok generation’s obsession with Olivia Rodrigo and with one-line digs.

Where her past breakout hits “Cloud 9” and “Prom Queen” would fit a 90s teen romcom, Emotional Creature‘s innocent “Karaoke” could fit a 2000s teen romcom like Gurinder Chadha’s Angus; Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Beach Bunny’s rollout for Emotional Creature started last year, releasing an impressive five singles until its release. The intoxicating “Oxygen,” disastrous “Fire Escape,” intimate “Karaoke,” “Entropy,” and now “Weeds” all share vocal highs and pitfalls, electrifying guitar solos and dwindles.

It is both refreshing and nostalgic, making it the perfect pitch to find TikTok longevity. Take this album as a main character moment, take a stroll, and begin to brood.

“Weeds” by Beach Bunny

“Weeds” is the fifth and final single from the intergalactic Emotional Creature era, and it is the most straightforward talking Trifilio gives herself. The singer said in a statement, “‘Weeds’ felt like I was taking ownership of my emotions instead of letting my emotions drive me to despair.”

On the chorus, she clashes with the hard instrumentals, singing, “‘Cause he’s not the problеm / The problem is you think / you’re only viable for love / When someone makes you feel complete / You’re a diamond / Wish you could see you the way I see / You can’t blossom if you keep growing gardens out of weeds.

As she repeats this “not my problem” mantra, it becomes a cluttered mess instead of sanity, but it makes for the record’s best outro. Its echoes, pulsing guitars, and high notes makes it simply unforgettable.

Beach Bunny will hit the road again this September to open for Panic! at the Disco.

What do you think of Beach Bunny’s new project, Emotional Creature, and the single “Weeds”? Let us know in the comments!

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