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Bastille Feel Like 90s “Thelma + Louise”

Alternative/Indie band Bastille released their latest single. “Thelma + Louise” takes inspiration from the 1991’s film Thelma & Louise.

Waiting Patiently For Bastille’s New Album

The band premiered the track during YUNGBLUD’s BBC Radio 1 takeover. This is the third offering of the band’s upcoming fourth album, following “Distorted Light Beam” and “Give Me The Future.” Though they haven’t given many details about their new project; frontman Dan Smith has said their first three albums were “a bit of a trilogy” and they planned to “experiment” more on this record.

 “Thelma + Louise” gives us a more poppy sound, which matches heavenly with the meaning of the song. The band sings about going on an adventure to Mexico with a loved one, just as the protagonists in the movie do. “She said to me. Days like these you wanna get away. Close our eyes, pretend we’re miles away…And suddenly we’re Thelma and Louise. You said let’s get the hell right out of here, oh. Can you hear the sound of my heart exploding?” they sing.

“Thelma + Louise” Takes us on an Adventure to Mexico

“It’s this iconic feminist film about freedom, escapism, independence, and escaping the worries and problems of life,” Smith told YUNGBLUD about the song. “I wanted to write a love letter to that film. A love letter to feminism, escapism, and throwing off the shackles of a life that you may be frustrated by.”

“I wrote the tune with a guy called Rami Yacoub, who’s a Swedish [producer/musician] based in the States,” Smith, adding that his “history of songwriting is insane. He went from [Britney Spears‘] ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time,’ which he wrote with Max Martin, right through to working with people like yourself and me. But also he did Lady Gaga‘s last album [Chromatica].”

An official video for “Thelma + Louise” has not been released yet, but an official performance of the track, “Live from Future Inc. HQ,” is available now on YouTube.

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