Bastille “Give Me The Future” in New Single

English pop-rock band Bastille are back with a new catchy single, “Give Me The Future.”

Bastille Are on a Roll With New Music

“Give Me The Future” arrives only a month after the band shared their last single “Distorted Light Beam,” which already surpasses 5 million streams on Spotify. The track kicked off a new retro-futuristic sound for Bastille, who is more than ready to start their new era. 

“Distorted Light Beam” was released alongside a cinematic music video starring British actress Remmie Milner from the TV series Save Me. Set in the future, the video sees a newly developed technology, “Futurescape,” created by global tech entity, Future Inc., transform life as we know it. 

Following up to their new futuristic sound, the chorus of “Give Me The Future” goes, “So give me the future, it’s golden and bright. Catch a fever dream in the flash of the lights. Now nothing is certain and the song isn’t done. The new melodies rise up with the Sun.” 

A Futuristic New Era For the Band

About the new single, frontman Dan Smith says, “‘Give Me The Future’ is a song about plugging into endless possibilities. It literally feels like everything is out there for the taking, all tastes catered for. The spaceship sound at the start? It’s us crash landing in the future.” 

He continues, “The reality we live in at the moment was the science fiction of not that long ago. Take a film like Minority Report. The technology in that seemed so far off, a fantasy. But it’s here, we’re way beyond it already. Had someone told you that 20 years ago when the film came out… you’d have laughed. Or been terrified.”

“Give Me The Future” arrives just before Bastille’s headline performance at Latitude 2021 next week, which follows a top-billing appearance at another UK festival, Standon Calling. 

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