AURORA Drops “A Dangerous Thing” & “Everything Matters”

Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA released two joint tracks, the electrifying “A Dangerous Thing” and “Everything Matters.”

AURORA recently announced that her upcoming fourth studio album The Gods We Can Touch is came out on January 21 via Decca. The record will include the new tracks alongside other fan-favorites like “Giving In To The Love,” Cure for Me,” and “Heathens.”

The Strange Story Behind “Everything Matters”

The album is coming out already this week, and to get her fans even more excited, AURORA shared two tunes at the same time. About “Everything Matters,” she said, “It’s a very strange story. A story I would like for people out there to figure out themselves. I contacted a French artist, Pomme, to write the ending for me. And it is beautiful. Sensual. And real. I do often feel like this world is trying to make me focus on all these great miracles. And somehow I feel like it makes me miss out on the small ones. And that is sad. Because small miracles happen all the time. Sometimes several times a day. And I want to see all of them. Because everything matters.”

How Life is “A Dangerous Thing”

She added about “A Dangerous Thing,” “There’s a lot of beauty in this world. And there’s a lot of ugly. I was surprised to learn how often the ugly is disguised as beauty. How often poison is disguised as wine. And life disguised as death. And when we learn that what we thought was good for us, is in fact bad for us – even then we tend to go back to it. Because at least it’s familiar. And all we ever dream about is home. Seductive, yet destructive. A dangerous thing indeed.”

AURORA is Hitting The Road For 5 Months

To commemorate the album release date, AURORA will kick off her upcoming tour on the same date, January 21. The tour will have an opening stop in Kingston, UK, and will continue across the UK, Europe, and the US until this summer. For those who can’t attend a show in person, AURORA will be also offering a virtual show on January 25, so grab those tickets! You can find all dates and tickets to AURORA’s upcoming tour here.

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