Andy Kahrs is Back With “Everybody’s In Town”

Nashville-based emerging Americana artist Andy Kahrs released the heartwarming lead single “Everybody’s In Town” from his forthcoming three-song collection, Together

“Everybody’s In Town” Offers a Taste of Together

Together will arrive more than a year after 2020’s Living the Dream, a 4-song collection. On the new EP, Andy will address hardship, friendship, and overall camaraderie. You will be able to listen to it on its release date, March 4!

The lead single of the EP, “Everybody’s In Town,” is a “feel-good song.” “With a genuine upbeat tune, it acknowledges the comforting feeling of being with friends. Lyrically picturesque and gleeful, this melody propels the listener to cherish connection. ‘Everybody’s In Town’ is about the magic that comes when the stars align and you’re all together again; even if just for one night,” Andy shares.

“Looking back, I think the start of the pandemic and quarantine led to a lot of reflection about who I am,” he adds. “I shed some pressure to be everything as an artist and got more in touch with my first love, the blues. That focus allowed me to see other influences, like country and bluegrass, as a seasoning to distinguish my sound.” 

How Andy Started His Music Career

The road to long-term success has, of course, not been so linear. Kahrs grew up busking his songs on the streets of downtown Atlanta; and spent years playing blues in bars across the Southeast. Ironically, a move to San Francisco shifted his sound further towards bluegrass and country as he felt his southern roots more deeply upon moving west. Kahrs played local bars over 200 nights a year to make ends meet in San Francisco, slipping in original tunes between crowd requests.

“There came a point when I realized these gigs were just never going to get me where I want to be. The less I felt able to truly express myself, the less fun I began having as an entertainer, which everyone in a room can pick up on,” admits Kahrs. 

Go See Him Play Live!

Andy will be playing an EP release show in Madison, TN on March 4, the same day the EP comes out. If you’re around the area, make sure to check him out! You can find tickets here.

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