Lexi Jayde’s Heartbreaking “drunk text me”

Rising artist Lexi Jayde released her latest single “drunk text me.” The song arrives as the follow-up to 2021’s “walking away.”

Lexi Went Viral on TikTok

Lexi Jayde only made her breakthrough in music in 2020 with “If I Really Love You,” but she is already gaining thousands of fans all around the globe. During this short time, she has proven that she’s not afraid of being honest and breaking barriers when it comes to her songs, which is something that music lovers really admire.

This comes as no surprise, as Lexi actually started teasing the demo of “drunk text me” on TikTok in late November 2021. Almost right away, the song quickly went viral with over 1.2 million views to date and earned close to 90,000 pre-saves. The teaser also grabbed the attention of fellow artist Alexander23 who co-produced the track. 

The Heartbreaking Message Behind “drunk text me”

“drunk text me” is a heartbreaking ballad where Lexi explains wanting someone she had a relationship with in the past to communicate with her and tell her that they still feel something toward her. “I want you to drunk text me. Saying you still need me. Tell me I’m not like her. I made you happier. I want you to drunk text me. Just empty it all out, please. Tell me you fucked this up. Tell me you’re still in love with me.”

On the meaning behind the song, Lexi shares, “’drunk text me’ expresses that feeling of sadness and denial that you can often go through in a breakup, questioning why the person you once loved hurt you. In most breakups it’s often hard to find closure – I certainly had a hard time and wish there were explanations for things left unanswered. I kept wishing my ex would’ve texted me saying sorry to clear things up. I wrote the concept in my notes and the song blossomed from there. The song is so special and comes straight from my broken heart.”

If you like this song, check out Lights and Elohim’s “Real Thing.”

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