January 30, 2023



Ashnikko Gets Hallo-Freaky with “Halloweenie IV: Innards”

Ashnikko’s Halloween Begins Now

Ashnikko’s latest release, “Halloweenie IV: Innards,” is one of the highlights of our Halloween playlist. The rapper is no stranger to releasing Halloween-themed music, and as “IV” suggests, this is her fourth song to do so. Taking inspiration from Edvard Grieg’s orchestral piece “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” she puts her own tricks in this track. And, it makes for a real treat for fans.

“Halloweenie IV: Innards” Analysis

The 25-year-old thinks of every aspect to bring this experience to life as if walking through a haunted house. As the song opens, a gate unlatches, creeks open, and soon we are in Ashnikko’s dark fantasy. She starts chorus-first, jingling, “I like to wear my human skin outside in disguise / I contort my body into something that you like / Have to sew my innards up, stitch ’em tight, I’m so shy.” The artist illustrates gruesome images to explain her discomfort with fans expecting her to conform to celebrity beauty standards. Ironically, the song’s Halloween theme syncs perfectly to pop culture and its problems.

The amount of noise in the song would easily be distracting, but Ashnikko uses each beat to her advantage. Together, it curates a spooky, pop rhythm (a common theme in her songs, but never reproducing the same sounds). There’s knife sharping, squeaky laughter, and ghostly oohs in the background. Above all, as the chorus starts, an alarm rings, introducing us to its catchy melody that bings every single word. As she closes, Ashnikko uses a devilishly high, creepy voice to deliver her final line: “I’m on fire (Ooh, ooh) / I like death (Ooh, ooh) / I’m a liar (Ooh, ooh) / I’m a mess (Ooh, ooh)”. And, with a giggle, she’s gone.

Halloween Is Never Really Over

Ashnikko is currently on her sold-out tour, The DEMIDEVIL Tour 2021, to promote her debut alter-ego-inspired mixtape. Monday, the artist posted a creepy visualizer for the single, keeping with the Halloween spirit. Also, Ashnikko released two songs recently: the rage-filled “Maggots” and the soft “Panic Attacks in Paradise.” If you like Ashnikko’s Halloween sound, check out our Halloween playlist. And, if you want even more, check out Kim Petras‘s “TURN OFF THE LIGHTS VOL. 1 & 2.” For them being so new, it’s already a classic within Kim’s catalog but in our hearts as spooky euro-dance music lovers.

Are you as excited about Halloween as we are? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our Halloween playlist here.

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