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Caroline Polachek

Caroline Polachek is a multi-talented American singer-songwriter, known for her distinct vocals and unconventional songwriting style. She started out as the lead singer of Chairlift in 2005 and has since released music under her own name, collaborated with major artists, and become a prominent figure in the indie and alternative music scenes. Her debut solo album “Pang” was released in 2019.

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Caroline Polachek

Featured Artist: Caroline Polachek and Her “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You: Everasking Edition”

On the first anniversary of the stirring Desire, I Want To Turn Into You, Caroline Polachek dropped an updated “Everasking Edition.” The deluxe album comes complete with an impressive 19 songs, including seven new additions. Across the Everasking Edition’s staggering hour and 13-minute runtime, each track packs the power and prose unique to Caroline Polachek. Pop Perfection The 2023 release of Desire is pop perfection. Polachek’s enthralling voice weaves with ease through each track, grabbing

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After listening through Olivia Rodrigo's long-awaited sophomore album, GUTS, there's one conclusion worth making: her pop-rock angst give even her sad songs new life. Long gone is the SOUR crooner, spilling her heart across an 11-track ballad-driven confessional. Instead, the preview singles for GUTS ("vampire" and "bad idea right?") shows a lyrical boldness for honesty and irreverence met with the same ear-shattering guitars.

Best Albums of 2023: MD’s Staff Picks the Top 25

It’s been a packed calendar as far as releases, with a new contender for “best of” lists seemingly emerging every week. With 2024 just around the corner, here are our picks for the best albums of 2023. 1. Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album, GUTS, has taken the public by storm since it came out in September. The album was nominated for both Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album at

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caroline polachek "bunny is a rider" doss remix

Featured Artist Friday: The Continuous Evolution of Caroline Polachek

American indie pop artist Caroline Polachek is constantly evolving, and this time, she has revived a 2021 single—“Bunny Is A Rider.” The Stages of Caroline Polachek Caroline Polachek began her musical journey in 2008 when she formed the band Chairlift. After a few years of making music together, the band eventually went their separate ways. At this point, Polachek wanted to find the sound that she could call her own. This led to her Danny

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Caroline Polachek fights Mediterranean love trances on her dazzling sophomore album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You.

Caroline Polachek Loses Herself on “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You”

Caroline Polachek fights Mediterranean love trances on her dazzling sophomore album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You. Desire is but another beast the 37-year-old cannot beat, and instead, is endlessly at its mercy. Desire Breakdown From “Welcome To My Island.” the first track presents this siren-like demise within a reinvented science-pop soundscape, inspired by nostalgic Eurodance synths. But that mystical mash-up is reality given the producer credits of hyper-pop geniuses A.G. Cook, Sega Bodega,

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caroline polachek blood and butter

Caroline Polachek Paints In “Blood And Butter”

Caroline Polachek, American indie pop artist, has just recently released her latest single, “Blood and Butter,” in anticipation of her upcoming album, Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. Caroline Polachek’s “Blood And Butter” Singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek is making waves in many different forms. Her newest single, “Blood and Butter,” is ethereal. With eerie vocals and a sound that is pop, but also a little off-kilter and uncanny, Polachek impresses listeners once again. Her range

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Caroline Polacheck announces 'The Spiraling Tour' in anticipation of her sophomore album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You, releasing Valentine's Day.

Caroline Polachek Announces 2023 Tour Dates

Caroline Polacheck announces The Spiraling Tour in anticipation of her sophomore album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You, releasing Valentine’s Day.  The Valentine’s Day release will be digital only with physical copies out April 14. The North American and European tour dates will have a host of openers including George Clanton, Toro y Moi, Magdalena Bay, Sudan Archives, Alex G, and Ethel Cain. Earlier this year, she released the singles “Billions” and “Sunset,” which will

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Caroline Polachek sunset

Caroline Polachek Lets Herself Shine on “Sunset”

Polachek Just Toured With Dua Lipa Rising pop singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek released her new single “Sunset,” following February’s “Billions.” Since she has stayed busy touring, “Sunset” arrives as Caroline’s second official single of the year.  Firstly, if you are into experimental music – especially pop – and haven’t heard of Caroline Polachek yet, you have to check her out! Her music showcases all kinds of pop sounds: alternative, art pop, indie, and dance. Now, she’s

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Flume and Caroline Polachek Promotional Photo For "Sirens"

Angelic Collab Between Flume and Caroline Polachek On “Sirens”

Flume continues the rollout of his forthcoming LP, Palaces, with his newest single “Sirens” featuring Caroline Polachek.  In early February, the Australian electronic producer released the album’s debut single “Say Nothing” featuring MAY-A.  The lively debut track is a vibrant crescendo of music.  With “Sirens” we see Flume ease us into euphoria with no-fluff vocals and intricate sound engineering. Flume Gets Heavenly Ethereal and clean, Flume guides us into transcendence with this song.  At the forefront

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Polachek from the "Billions" music video

Caroline Polachek Sings of an abundance of Love on “Billions”

Caroline Polachek feels gratitude Imbued with both mystique and heart, Caroline Polachek is an artist pointing forward when it comes to pop music.  The So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings singer is finishing up her U.S. tour of her time-stopping, debut album Pang, and is slowly releasing the breadcrumb trail to her next project.  As of now, Polachek has three releases from her next, unannounced project. The first of which is the enigmatic single Bunny

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▶ Featured Artist: Caroline Polachek

  Caroline Polachek and her legacy Whether it is behind the scenes, under a different name, or as a solo artist, Caroline Polachek has been creating music for a long time.  Her vast portfolio includes songwriter, producer, and vocalist with a striking voice having as much range and variety as the different collaborators she has worked with.  Collaborators like Charli XCX, A.G. Cook, Hayley Williams, and yes, Beyoncé.  Now, if you are an underground pop

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