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Artist Who Have Sent “Cease And Desist” Letters To Donald Trump

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

As many politicians use various ways of making Americans get out and vote, using popular musicians is not out of the norm. On the other hand, many artists have sent “cease and desist” letters telling them to stop using their music. The most popular candidate, with no questions asked, is none other than Donald Trump. Especially with the message he sends with his political views while using their music in his own special way. Here are the Top 10 according to Vulture with a quick reason as to why the artist didn’t want Donald Trump using their music.

  1. Neil Young – Trump gained the rights for “Rockin’ In The Free World.” Young revealed that he was a Sanders fan. With that, Trump had no authorization to use his song given his difference in political views. 
  2. R.E.M – Trump used “The End of the World” at a rally. The band later claimed it distracted from a true campaign. 
  3. Twisted Sister – The band realized “We’re Not Going To Take It” made Trump’s message much more heightened than necessary. 
  4. Adele – She first let Trump use “Rolling In The Deep” until she went on to endorse Hillary Clinton.  
  5. Elton John – Just like Adele, given John is an Englishman, he holds very different views from Trump himself. 
  6. The Rolling Stones – The band tried to stop Trump from using their songs twice in 2016 before pursuing legal action in 2020.
  7. Queen – This band condemned the usage of “We Are The Champions” at the Republican National Convention. 
  8. Pharrell Williams – Trump played Williams’ hit song “Happy” after the murder of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Williams then had his lawyer send Trump an impassioned cease and desist letter.
  9. Rihanna – This artist didn’t like her music being used to promote a conservative Republican agenda. 
  10. Phil Collins – Collins wanted no affiliation with Trump after one of his songs became a satirical reference to COVID-19. 
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