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INJI and Her New EP “LFG”

Photo Credit: She Makes Music

Upon the release of her debut EP, LFG, in 2023, Turkish singer-songwriter INJI has taken the music world by storm. Currently based in Philadelphia, her first big success came with her first single, “Gaslight.” The song is one she produced with her fellow Penn State classmate, Alex Graf, who played the guitar in one of her school jazz projects. The song came out on TikTok once it was done in only a week’s time, where it went viral. It then reached over 300,000 streams on Spotify in under two weeks. She then followed it up with another single, “Madeline,” one that received similar success. All this put the artist on the board for Tidal Magazine’s Rising Artist, as well as on BBC Radio One airplay. 

Fast forward to 2023 when she released another single, “The One,” to continue her viral stardom. Then, in July, she followed up “The One” with her first EP, LFG. The measure of her success is the jazz and blues inspiration in most of her music. She gains inspiration from one of her favorite artists, Amy Winehouse, who tends to tell stories within her music. On the other hand, the artist claims she will experiment with anything. Telling Variance Magazine, “I’m not gonna say no to anything — you know, hyperpop, bring it on!”

With the new year just starting, the artist is gearing up for something big. She’s hoping to get more overnight recognition on her most-viewed social media platforms, Instagram and TikTok. So far, all her releases have tallied up to millions of streams on various streaming platforms. She hopes for more as she starts to create new music and do other various projects. Given the experience has been nerve-racking for the young artist, she is never afraid of a challenge, especially the challenge of becoming an overnight sensation in only two years. 

Photo credit: Stowkelly. Retrieved from She Makes Music.
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