Inside Rosse’s Catchy Single ‘Coincidence’

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Rosse has announced the drop of her new single “Coincidence.” The star announced the release of her 6th single on Instagram on Friday April 14th, saying,

Not a coincidence that this song is about to be yours…

Instagram caption of Rosse’s announcement for new single “Coincidence”

Following the release of “Coincidence,” Rosse released a sped-up version of the hit new single, asking fans which one they prefer. So far, both songs have come in at over 300k streams, yet coming in at #1 is the sped-up version.

Instagram post for Rosse's new single "Coincidence" 2023

“Coincidence” Speaks on Rosse’s Experiences

The theme of this new single is obviously about coincidence, and her main chorus explains that “Coincidences take a whole lot of planning.” But what does this mean? After moving to LA two years ago, pop singer Rosse met a songwriting mentor and becoming a solo artist. She used social media arenas like TikTok to grow her platform, where she was met with some backlash. Some believe she was handed things on silver platter. Her own lyrics say, “You think I’m manufactured, just part of some big machine/You think some billionaire just handed me a dream.”

But this new song shows Rosse’s determination to move beyond hateful assumptions.

I took a chance moving across the country alone, leaving everything behind at 18 and here we are. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but oddly I’m thankful it hasn’t been. The struggle makes you stronger!!

Excerpt from Rosse’s Instagram caption

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Stream “Coincidences” on Spotify.

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