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Anne-Marie and Aitch Fans Go Psycho Over New Single “Psycho”

Anne-Marie and Aitch just dropped a hot, INSANELY catchy new single “Psycho,” a toxic song about the incredible regret a cheating boyfriend is about to face.

An Anticipated Release

Anne-Marie, the mastermind behind classics like “Rockabye,” “Kiss My (Uh Oh),” and “Friends, and Aitch, the hit British rapper, are collaborating on “Psycho.” For almost a month now, they have been teasing this incredibly anticipated single. Just last month, the pair revealed a small snippet of the song right after they finished producing it. Anne-Marie also debuted her song at a performance in Sziget, Budapest a little over 3 weeks ago. And just a few days ago, Anne-marie teased the final release of the song, along with a future music video, seemingly featuring a whole storyline taking place in a bar. 

However, word is that the song has been delayed to the 12th, as Anne-Marie’s formerly proposed release date of September 9th has been completely silent. There is no mention of the music nor the music video. There has been no comment on why this is yet, but since Anne-Marie and Aitch have released so many teasers, we already have a full taste of what the music will be. 

anne-marie psycho

An Instant Banger

“Psycho” has everything going for it. An incredibly killer bass line, a catchy bridge, a well produced beat, and lyrics that make you gasp. 


“I’m buying your meals, I’m paying your bills /

While you’re out here switchin positions”


Holy crap. 

Clearly the song is about a “psycho” girlfriend whose constant suspicions about her boyfriend finally turned out to be true as she caught her boyfriend cheating. However, the song is unique from other “psycho girlfriend songs” like Ava Max’s “Sweet But Psycho.” Anne-Marie’s take on the psycho girlfriend is that she thinks her boyfriend is the psycho, for hooking up with so many other women. And to be honest, she isn’t wrong.

This pop song is sounding much like an anthem for women with unfaithful partners, and is a song that has the potential to definitely shoot up the ranks. This is a song to keep an eye out for!  

Click here to stream Anne-Marie and Aitch’s “Psycho”! 


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