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“At The Rave With My Friends” By Jungle Bobby

One-fourth of the group “Smoothie World” rapper Jungle Bobby releases “at the rave with my friends” produced by lentra. Marking his second release of the year, Jungle Bobby showcases more of his personality and artistry. 

Jungle Bobby Lifts Our Spirits

One-fourth of the group “Smoothie World” rapper Jungle Bobby releases “at the rave with my friends” produced by lentra.
@junglebobby123 Via Twitter

The lighthearted experimental rap cut “at the rave with my friends” has a positive and frivolous tone. With song titles like “hot dog,” “OINK,” and “tango mango,” Bobby doesn’t take himself too seriously. Further, the rapper describes the song’s purpose perfectly in the introduction. He states, “​​I just want everyone to feel as good as possible (Okay) / And anything is possible (Really?) in Wibe World.” 

And Jungle Bobby does just that, by making us feel like we’re dancing the night away like it’s our last. Incorporating elements of indie, the beat by lentra comes crashing in with drums and a prominent bass line. Then, Bobby delivers quick flows on the verses with a catchy hook. “At the rave with my friends” clocks in at two minutes and ten seconds, closing out with an electronic instrumental break.

Let Go, Just Dance

Even more, the simplistic hook repeats: “At the rave (Yeah, yeah) / With my friends (Okay) / At the rave (Yeah, yeah) / With my friends (Okay) / No hate (No hate) / Just dance (Okay).” 

Additionally, Vancouver-based musician exudes confidence in the verse writing: “We goin’ back-to-back on a level / Got my swag back, I’m better / Look like Mad Max, I’m a rebel / Too much smoke put the gas on the pedal,” Bobby raps. Fictional character Maximillian “Max” Rockatansky from the Mad Max Series is a powerful character. Specifically, he was a Main Force Patrol officer fighting for peace in Australian civilization. 

Jungle Bobby also references singer Bruno Mars and his smash hit “24k Magic.” “Bruno Mars, I’ma make this happen / Yeah, yeah, Bruno Mars, I’ma show you magic / Who knew bars could make this happen? / Woo, woo, woo, magazine covers with the latest fashion.” Bobby has good fashion sense and has his own “swag” which he embraces with his unique sound. Check out the song here to spread some love and positivity.

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