Angelina Jordan Takes us to a “7th Heaven”

After releasing her debut single last year, 15-year-old prodigy Angelina Jordan is back with “7th Heaven.” The new single is a combination of jazz and pop that people of all ages will be able to enjoy.

Angelina Shows off Her Vocals in “7th Heaven”

In “7th Heaven,” Angelina expresses feeling insecure at times and wanting to feel powerful. “Life has ups and downs, and you always have to be ready for whatever is coming up. The song is a reminder to look at everything in a positive light and not get down on yourself. Most importantly – no matter what you’re doing – don’t give up. It’s also meant to make you dance,” she shared in a statement.

In an interview with Stage Right Secrets, she describes what the inspiration behind “7th Heaven” was. “The initial idea for ‘7th Heaven’ was that I love the number seven and “heaven” is such a powerful word. It makes you dream away,” she explained. “I collaborated with Stargate to create the song. The background story of making it was that I had this melody that I played for Tor and Mikkel. It turned out that they loved the idea and it went pretty smooth from there to the finish of the song.”

Angelina also explained that she and her team had to keep making adjustments to the song until it was perfect. “We definitely tried many different elements to feel the right sound to it.”

Her Debut Single “Million Miles” is a Tribute to her Late Grandfather

She also revealed that she is often inspired to create music from personal pain, just as her debut single, “Million Miles,” shows. “Strong emotions, mainly painful ones, often make me write music,” she shares.

Last month, she released the music video for “Million Miles” and it already surpassed one million views on YouTube. The sweet ballad showcases the teen’s powerful vocals – and it’s a heartfelt tribute to Jordan’s late grandfather. About the video, she said, “I love being creative, and I actually sketched the scenes of the music video, which is really cool. The scenes are about memories I had, and going back to flashbacks. I think that the simplicity of the music video makes it really beautiful because it lets the music talk instead.”

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