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Hunter Hayes’ ‘If You Change Your Mind’ Will be Stuck in Your Head

Hunter Hayes recently announced that he has a new album on the way arriving this fall, Red Sky (Part II). Back in January, he teased it with the lead single ‘The One That Got Away.’ Now, he gave us another piece of the album with the second single, ‘If You Change Your Mind.’

Hunter Makes a Change of Sound

‘If You Change Your Mind’ follows up Hunter’s lead single off Red Sky (Part II.) Although it won’t arrive until later this fall, we can already see that Hunter is going in a different direction musically in this album. He still follows his country roots, but it’s clear that pop music is making a big influence on the album.

The lyrics talk about Hunter wanting to get a girl that was part of his past back. “I wanted a song on the album that represented missing someone so much that you forget everything bad and only remember the good,” he said in an official statement. “You find yourself in a dream-like state imagining what could happen if it went the way you always dreamed it would. I really wanted to highlight the dreamlikeness of that. Being stuck in your own picture of it felt very cinematic. It was really fun writing it and I loved the song ever since. I was excited to finally put it out.”

Great Gatsby Inspired Music Video

While talking with the Digital Journal, Hunter shared more details about how ‘If You Change Your Mind’ was created. “It started on a bus where I was hearing this chord progression and I wanted to create something with that. I literally went into Logic and I dragged 95 samples into a session. I just hit play, all at the same time. It sounded magical and mystical.”

The track’s music video, directed by Bia Jurema, has a high-end feel reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, with Hunter getting dressed in a black and white suit, ready to party in a luxurious mansion while trying to get a girl’s attention. “This song always felt Gatsby-Esque with its grand moments of orchestral elements paired with its secret moments of vulnerability. I love the dream-like nature of it and how theatrical it feels,” Hunter commented about the music video.

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