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Anderson East Calls Out People On “Drugs”

Anderson East is back with a new single off his upcoming album Maybe We Never Die, “Drugs.”

Anderson East Shares Pieces Off Maybe We Never Die

Only a month after giving fans a hint of what his forthcoming album Maybe We Never Die will sound like with “Madelyn,” Anderson East has dropped another piece off the project. “Drugs” is a delightful song that brings back the sounds of disco. He calls out people stating that nowadays pretty much everyone is, literally, on their own type of “drugs.”

“You know that nothin’ good will come from overthinking all your problems. When the mirror is the one that never lies. It all gets so dramatic, symphonies all turn to static. Honestly, who really has the time? Is it me? Just me? Or is everybody on drugs? Everybody’s on drugs. ‘Cause the world behind our eyes is better in disguise. So we try to keep the feelings numb.”

Pointing Out People Being on Their Own Kind of “Drugs”

He shared in a statement, “I feel like that song, that was the hardest one to get right because it’s definitely not a glorification of drugs. If anything, it’s a hardened look at yourself inward. Me and my buddy and co-writer Aaron Raitiere were in LA, and we’re cruising around, and you’re just like, what is going on here? Where are all these people going? It’s like everybody’s on drugs in this place…”

He continues, “You just start calling a spade a spade about what drugs mean: Well, I’ve had coffee this morning. Some people go to the gym, some are going to church. Some people are on Twitter. I wouldn’t call it a protest song, but it’s just like a, ‘Is anybody else seeing what I’m seeing right now?’ It’s our inability to just interface with reality.”

The music video for the song gives us a fun glimpse of Anderson pointing out people he finds on the street that are on drugs. From a kid finding enough energy to break a brick with his bare hands while practicing Taekwondo to a lady making a hole-in-one while on a golf game thanks to the help of alcohol, he shows how everyone has that thing that gives them strength, even if it’s not a real “drug.”

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