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American Country Network TV Channel Launches in 2024

A new television channel dubbed American Country Network is set to launch in 2024. Former CEO of The Country Network, Tommy Snyder, and president of 8 Track Entertainment, Noah Gordon, are launching the upcoming channel. Snyder is the CEO. Gordon is operating as the Chief Creative Director. Keith Chester is the Chief Information Officer and Jeff Goodwin is ACN’s Chief Marketing Director.

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“We want to play great music and engage fans who love country music. And that includes genres such as Americana, folk, and bluegrass,” Gordon told Billboard in an interview. He added: “It will broadcast in about 40 major markets and you can consume it in many ways. iPad, cell phone, smart TV, video on demand. We also think there is value in licensing some content and potentially kind of refurbishing it. Some content that on its own wouldn’t be something people would consume, but if we wrap it with a best-of, or a best-moments that fits together.”

“Chad has been on the road as an artist for so many years and he’s been a radio DJ, too, so he’s got a great background for this,” Snyder added.

Gordon said: “Circle Network has the Grand Ole Opry and a bunch of wonderful programming. My hope is that we can become a network that is a great [sister] network. If you like what you see there, you are probably going to find some things you love on ACN. And nothing against reality shows or anything, but going back, especially if you were a fan of CMT when it first came out, we want to have another great option for promoting and exposing music videos. Both current and older fan favorites. I’m hoping to have the best of both worlds in how we deliver music. We’re just going back and looking at across history of country music and saying, what are the things that really worked so well and that people loved so much? Let’s get a lot of that on our network.”

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Richard lockamy
Richard lockamy
1 month ago

Looking foreword to the American country network

Mary Minter
Mary Minter
13 days ago