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Noah Kahan Raises $1.9 Million With The Busyhead Project

During World Mental Health Day, indie-folk singer Noah Kahan announced that he has surpassed his goal of raising $1 million with The Busyhead Project.

Introducing The Busyhead Project

Named after his 2019 debut album, The Busyhead Project is a mental health initiative aimed at providing resources and information needed to end the stigma around mental health services. Derived from his own life experiences, Kahan has been vocal in his own struggles with mental health. Moreover, he’s been very firm in utilizing his platform for good. Above all else, Noah has prioritized using his influence as an artist to shed light on tough topics and gather necessary funds to push initiatives close to his heart. As such, The Busyhead Project was born.

“I present to you: The Busyhead Project.

When I was a kid I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had all these dark thoughts and dark feelings and felt alone and scared of my brain all the time… Some of the only times I felt connected to anyone was through music. I’d hear a song that felt like it’s lyrics were ripped straight from my heart and my experience and for 3 or 4 minutes I felt less alone and less afraid. As I began to make music I made an effort to write lyrics about how I was feeling, in the hopes that maybe someone out there would feel less alone when they listened to it, like I did growing up…

This year, my team and I started talking about how we could push the effort further. We wanted to find a bigger way to reduce stigma and provide resources to people struggling with their mental health. My incredible management team and many other wonderful partners and I got together to create a charity, with the goal to raise a million dollars for organizations specializing in mental health awareness and resources.. I’ve been given so many wonderful opportunities in my career and it really is all for nothing if I don’t try and give back to the community that has supported me. If I can help anyone get through their struggles, it will be the proudest achievement of my career.”

-Via @noahkahanmusic on Instagram

In addition to his own mental health initiative, Noah has also released an article with TIME magazine. Titled “Putting Words to My Mental Health Struggles Saved Me,” Noah vulnerably depicts his own life struggles to remind others that mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of fame or status. Check it out to learn a bit more about the story behind how Noah came to establish The Busyhead Project.

Noah Kahan Uses His Platform For Good

Noah Kahan for TIME100 Voices, "Putting Words to My Mental Health Struggles Saved Me."
Credit: Noah Kahan for TIME100 Voices

Established in May, The Busyhead Project’s short existence has been productive, to say the least. The initial goal was to raise $1 million for mental health services. In partnership with PLUS1, Noah Kahan’s initial goal was to raise $1 million to “provide resources to organizations dedicated to meeting the needs of marginalized communities with both crisis care and tools for sustainable resilience.” To date, over 15,500 actions have been taken on The Busyhead’s Propeller website, resulting in $1.9 million dollars raised so far!

“Today is World Mental Health Day, and I’ve never been prouder to announce that $1.9 million dollars has been raised for mental health via The Busyhead Project so far. Being able to use my platform to help bring some good to the world has been the highlight of my life, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity. Thank you.”

-Via @noahkahanmusic on Instagram

Fans can complete actions across the Propeller website to accumulate points. These actions range from watching videos to donating to various charities. Once completed, fans can exchange their points for entries to various contests. These include VIP trips to see Noah perform at festivals like Austin City Limits, meet and greets and more! Help end the stigma around mental health. Get involved today and become part of The Busyhead Project!

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