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All Time Low’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Return

A lot can change in a decade or more, but All Time Low’s stage presence is still immaculate and intact.


Back and Better Than Ever

On April 5, All Time Low returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live!. While the four-piece band is no stranger to TV performances –having just been on The Ellen Degeneres Show three weeks ago – last night that was special. The band’s return to Jimmy Kimmel’s late night stage marked the first time they were on his show in 13 years. 


The last time the band graced his studio was in July of 2008. Now, in 2020, the band is still doing what they do best. They are putting on a pop punk show that is both effortless and timeless. 


When the band, of whom hails from Maryland, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2008, they performed their biggest hit. This song is “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” which caused the band’s career to skyrocket practically overnight. It was part of their beloved sophomore record, So Wrong, It’s Right.


At the time, in the midst of an emo revival, the then college-age guys were running the show. Their youthful approach to the pop punk genre has always been spectacular. They make alternative rock fun, danceable, and easy for everyone to love. 


If you like pop, you like All Time Low. If you like rock, you like All Time Low. Even if you like alternative rock, Top 40, punk, or a mix of the three, you like All Time Low. As they graced Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the second time, they showed off just how versatile they are. Performing their second biggest hit to date, “Monsters,”  which is still topping alternative radio, the band slayed. 


The Success of All Time Low’s Latest Hit

Last week All Time Low dropped the first single of their new era, “Once In A Lifetime.” This new release came almost exactly a year after their last record, Wake Up, Sunshine. Although “Monsters” came from that record, the success of it is still evident. Performing it on Jimmy Kimmel’s show allowed their name to be broadcast to an even bigger audience. There’s no doubt everyone in the world has heard “Monsters” at this point, but maybe not everyone who heard it knew the band behind it. This time, All Time Low were able to promote their new single, “Once In A Lifetime,” while simultaneously performing their well-known, recent hit. 


This worked hand-in-hand and gave way to a stellar live performance. In an age of little to now live music, late night TV show musical acts are a heartwarming treat for music lovers. As the band ripped into their instruments and rocked out live, fans were able to feel like they were at an ATL show yet again. 


All Time Low continuously proves that every song of theirs can be a hit because of how memorable they are. The more live performances to do, the more people who get on the ATL bandwagon….  Even if it’s well over a decade since their inception, the quartet is still garnering new, rocking fans of all ages. This is all thanks to hits like “Once In A Lifetime,” “Monsters,” and of course, “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

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