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Akintoye Drops “The Line”

From blowing away TikTok with his style and lyrics, to releasing a 3rd studio album on April 13th, Akintoye has been killing the rap game. This has landed the 22-year-old Canadian rapper on Music Daily’s Discoveries list.

Humble Beginnings

Born August 13th, 1999 in Nigeria, Akintoye lived in a household that loved rap. When he turned 9, Ak and his family moved to Canada. Despite being around rap, he believes that his true passion for music began in the 6th grade when he was asked to rap for his school’s talent show. From then on, Akintoye became obsessed with writing and performing.

Growing up, he listened to all of the old school rappers like Big L, Notorious, and Andre 3K. These are what shaped his style and continued to inspire him to create. Then, in 2017, Akintoye began releasing music around his high school. After nearly 3 years of pushing his music and growing his platform, he was finally able to perform for people. Unfortunately, before he could do his 2nd concert, Coronavirus shut down the world.

However, during the lockdown, Akintoye took part in the #splashfreestylechallenge on TikTok.

The Discovery Blow Up

On his 3rd TikTok he ever posted, Akintoye exploded onto the creative scene. With 840.3K likes and 3.9M views, Ak took this momentum and continued to grow from there.

Now, nearly 2 years after he planted the seed of sound into the brains of everyone, he has 2.5 M followers and 43.5 M likes on Tik Tok and 2 studio albums.

For the Future

Despite how much success Akintoye has found on TikTok, hoping that he can eventually step away from the platform and create something more tangible. This means continuing his grind, constantly posting, and working on his music to create.

In an interview with HipHopSince1987, Ak revealed that he is working on his biggest and most grandiose album and is hoping to steadily release singles from this album until the full release of his 3rd studio album.

For more Akintoye, you can follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify.

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