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Charlie Puth Prioritizes Himself on “That’s Hilarious”

Singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth released his latest single “That’s Hilarious,” following January’s comeback with “Lightswitch.”

Charlie Laughs the Pain off on “That’s Hilarious”

Charlie is not holding back on his new era. Just in January, he made his comeback with “Lightswitch,” his first solo single in almost two years. Now, he’s releasing the follow-up single “That’s Hilarious,” in which he describes some things he wants to say to an ex.

It turns out that someone that Charlie dated in the past wanted to take him back after not treating him as he deserved. In the song, he pretty much just laughs at the idea of getting back together with this person, and I think we all can relate to this. “You didn’t love when you had me. But now you need me so badly. You can’t be serious. That’s hilarious,” he sings in the chorus.

He Produced the Song Himself

Produced by Charlie himself and co-written with long-time collaborator JKash, the track is taken from his forthcoming album CHARLIE, set for release later this year. “I’m really excited for the song to come out, but every time I hear it, I’m kind of brought back to a time that was really, really challenging in my life,” Charlie explained to DORK prior to the release of “That’s Hilarious.” 

He continues, “I never told people what happened to me and the pain that I went through going through the worst breakup of my life in 2019… I just wanted to throw it under the carpet and start over and surround myself with better people. But this is the hardest song that I ever had to put together, and I’m so excited for you to hear it.”

The song, regardless of his heartbreaking message, it’s actually pretty uplifting. Contrary to being a sad ballad that will make you cry, this track literally makes you want to forget that person that hurt you in the past. So, if you are going through a breakup and you want to move on from that person, you have to listen to “That’s Hilarious!”

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