Adam Lambert on His Sexuality and His Comments on Lil Nas X

Adam Lambert has recently commented on fellow musician Lil Nas X in Gay Times magazine. And a positive one! Queen’s “new” lead singer has in fact praised the rapper for “pushing it” on topics like sexuality and gender. The artist recently discussed his personal sexuality on Attitude Magazine as well.

Adam Lambert for Attitude Magazine

Adam Lambert was recently named as the cover star of Attitude Magazine‘s February issue. During an interview with the magazine, the artist discussed the themes of sexuality and gender identity.

“If I was growing up right now, a teenager or in my early twenties in 2021, would my relationship with my sexuality or gender be exactly what it is now? I don’t know. It might be different,” began the artist. Lambert continued, “As we get older, identity becomes less of a priority and mystery. That’s one reason the new generation is so excited about pronouns and names for their gender. They’re in the process of becoming who they want to be. That’s what you do in your teens and twenties.”

When asked how he feels about the way sexuality and gender are evolving in 2022, Adam said: “Mine’s evolving lovely. I’m so happy we’re moving the needle.”

Adam Lambert comments on Lil Nas X in Gay Times

And during the interview with Gay Times, Adam Lambert commented on Lil Nas X again as well! Towards the young, incredible “proper pop star,” as Lambert defined him, Queen’s current singer had only good words!

As for Montero Lamar Hill, the real name of Lil Nas X, the 39-year-old star loves how he isn’t afraid to “get in people’s faces” when it comes to fighting for what he believes in. And, with his “lots of hits [and] streams eyes on him” for his songs and albums, he appreciates that “he’s pushing it. He’s not afraid of controversy, to get in people’s faces, challenge people.

“There’s a lot of work to be done, but someone like Lil Nas, he’s a proper pop star at this point.

“It’s a time where queer creatives deserve some spotlight,” he added. “I also feel that more and more we’re able to stand on our own two feet, and I think that’s really important to note. We don’t need the straight saviours to come in and save us! We’re good and we’re doing really well.”

The artist even compared the young star to Boy George for his commitment! “I just think it’s high time we had somebody out there being exactly who they are,” he said about the rapper in a 2021 interview with Gay Times. “The thing I love about what he’s doing is not just to say the statistic of a queer person having this many streams and all that, but I also love the tone of what he’s doing. It’s finally challenging the double standards.”

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