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Noa Kirel’s Fierce “Thought About That”

Israeli rising star Noa Kirel is back with her latest global single, “Thought About That.” The song follows her last single in October, “Bad Little Thing.”

Noa is Ready to Take Over the World

Noa is making something very clear. She wants to get recognized all around the world. That’s why last year she jumped into making her first-ever English single, “Please Don’t Suck.” Only a few months later, she followed up with “Bad Little Thing;” and now, she’s back with the powerful “Thought About That.”

“Thought About That” talks about moving on from a past relationship that did more bad than good, and finally not having any feelings toward that person. “There was a time I looked into the wrong eyes. Now I realize I was right here all along…You should’ve thought about that before you broke my heart. Now you’re seeing me out, not missing you at all. Take it all back and damn that must be hard,” Noa sings.

She Hopes to Help Other Girls With “Thought About That”

Noa hopes to help other girls in the same situation, and give them the strength to overcome bad relationships. “I turned 20 this year and it’s so important for my music to inspire young women to be independent and stand up for themselves, especially in relationships,” she shared.

The Sci-Fi inspired music video for “Thought About That” showcases Noa’s killer dance moves. The video transports her into the future, where she shows everyone what she can do. 

Sharing the news of her new single on Instagram, Noa noted in the caption, “I am so excited to release my 3rd global single, “Thought About That.” This song is a special one for me in so many levels. I’ve worked with the best team to give you a song full of empowerment and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do! Thank you for your love and support throughout my journey. I love you all ! I wanna thank each and every one who took part in this song and video.”

If you like this song, check out Alesso & Katy Perry’s “When I’m Gone.”

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