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A$AP Rocky Shows Love on “D.M.B”

A$AP Rocky, one of the most influential names in hip-hop, has finally released a new single. Titled “D.M.B.,” the nearly five minute track shows love to his girlfriend and nods to fame. The accompanying music video features Rocky, Rihanna, and New York City.

A$AP Rocky Back in the Spotlight

A$AP Rocky has not released an album since 2018’s Testing, and he’s only released singles periodically. “D.M.B.” is one of his first steps back into the spotlight as he prepares to drop his (rumored) next album, ALL $MILES. The single dropped on May 5th with a music video, which also premiered the same day.

“D.M.B” Demonstrates Evolution

“D.M.B.” demonstrates A$AP Rocky’s evolution as a rap artist and a creative. Even with staggeringly frank lyrics, Lord Flacko brings a new dimension of love to his single. Though he raps quite vulgarly, fans see that it is all an act of passion and appreciation for his woman. (After all, it IS Rihanna). A$AP Rocky raps, “She clean my crib, she feed my friends / She keep my secret, she keep my fridge packed, my freezer lit / That’s how deep I get, negative degrees.” It’s obvious throughout the song that he values his girlfriend, wanting to show her off. Hence, the title “D.M.B” referring to the phrase “that’s my b—h”.

Rihanna in the Music Video

Though fans were already ecstatic to see Rocky releasing new music, they were even happier to see Rihanna in the music video. As A$AP raps all around NYC, Rihanna can be seen as a focal point of the video. Fans are calling the music video a work of art, with nostalgic and beautiful visuals. With each passing second, A$AP Rocky centers more and more on her presence around him. Towards the end of the song, the Harlem native croons his love for her, singing, “You’re my angel and my goddess / When my head got clouded / My soulmate.” At the end of the video, we see a celebration of the rapper and popstar’s love and affection for each other.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of more music from A$AP Rocky, and so are we. Check back frequently for more updates!

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