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Eurovision 2023: A Quick Wrap-Up of the European Event of the Year

Credit: Michael Doherty

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest was potentially the coolest yet. The huge impact of Maneskin’s victory in 2021 has transformed a niche festival into a global music event. 

Let’s Talk Numbers

  • 162 million viewers for Eurovision 2023 on public service media channels across Europe and beyond
  • ​Votes cast in 144 countries around the world
  • ​​4.8 billion views of #Eurovision2023 on TikTok
  • ​​540 million official video views on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • ​​Official ESC 2023 Spotify Playlist: Most Streamed Spotify Playlist Globally Sunday 14th May

These are just some stats from this year’s round, won by the Swedish singer Loreen, who had previously won in 2012. It was also a good 4th place for the Italian representative Marco Mengoni, who had the hard task of doing at least half of what Maneskin previously did.

In general, there’s been a trend of bringing local inspirations with some minimalistic productions. But there have also been a lot of copycats and work that feels too similar to things we’ve already heard. 

Portugal was the hidden gem thanks to the abilities of Mimicat, who is THE performer of this Eurovision 2023. That’s two years in a row that Portugal brings something fascinating to the table (here you’ll find our take on last year’s Portugal representative Maro and her ‘saudade’). 

Also very good was the Ukrainian electro pop duo Tvorchi, 6th place of the table but deserved more – especially if we think that Ukraine won last year’s edition with a way less interesting proposal – shoutout to them for the great performance. 

If you’re searching for fun, take a look at the Croatian hit ‘Mama SC!” of Let 3.

At the end, #Eurovision2023 was an event of culture more than music, because this is what music is about. Whether we like it or not. 

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