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Eurovision Song Contest 2022: A Look at the First Semifinal

After the last successful season, the Eurovision Song Contest is finally back for three nights of pure music. The city of Turin, Italy, has been chosen for hosting the event. This is thanks to Maneskin’s victory last year in Rotterdam. 39 countries (was supposed to be 40, before Russia’s exclusion) will compete against each other in two semifinals. The goal is to qualify for the final round, which will see 20 countries plus the Big Five (Italy, France, Germany, UK and Spain)

ESC firsts results

The first semifinal of Tuesday has already seen many surprises, with Albania, Croatia and Austria incredibly out at the first round. What doesn’t surprise at all, instead, are the qualifications of Maro (Portugal), Amanda Tenfjord (Greece), Subwoolfer (Norway), S10 (Holland) and Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine).

And, if the first four are really powerful for sounds (Portugal, Greece, Holland) and imaginary (Norway), we can’t really say the same for the Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra. The band has an incredible support from fans all over the world. Yet this seems more due to the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine. Not that the song is bad, but surely it’s not as impactive as the others.

Anyways, other good discoveries of ESC are with no doubts Rosa Linn, from Armenia, and the trashies Zdob și Zdub & Frații Advahov from Moldova. About this last group, well… music is something else, but they could really be the outsiders of this festival. If you search for the word folklore in the dictionary, you’ll probably see Zdob și Zdub & Frații Advahov’s photo in there.

Duets and guests coming

May 12th was the day for the second semifinal. It’ll be interesting seeing some performances, besides the duet of the two hosts of ESC Mika and Laura Pausini. The Rasmus (Finland), Brooke (Ireland) and Achille Lauro (San Marino) are the favourites to get the tickets for the big final of Saturday, which will see Maneskin performing as special guests.

We’ll be able to tell you more in a few days, but for now that’s all. See y’all on Saturday, May 14th for the Grand Finale. For those in the states, you watch on Peacock TV at 3pm EST or On Demand.

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