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A Different Christmas, Bryson Tiller’s Holiday Album

Bryson Tiller

After releasing his 2021 success “A N N I V E R S A R Y,” containing the single Sorrow, American singer-songwriter and rapper marks his return to the music scene with a surprising Holiday album. However, “A Different Christmas” -this is the name of the album- wasn’t completely unexpected. The artist, in fact, announced the release of his holiday contribution in October on his Instagram profile. “Before we get into my next album, i wanted to share another special project i worked on for you guys. This one was really fun to make. Inspired by Bieber, Ariana, and by one of my loneliest holiday seasons ever…” said the artist when announcing the album.

Bryson Tiller’s “A Different Christmas”

Bryson Tiller became famous through his 2015 debut album “T R A P S O U L” and collaborations with DJ Khaled and Rihanna. Throughout the entire album, he remains true to himself and to his “old” music. In fact, the artist hasn’t succumbed to the customary “Christmas” influence that can easily be found in many Christmas songs. Except for ain’t a lonely Christmas song (featuring Tayla Parx) and the cover of Christmas classic winter wonderland (feat Halo), the bells, the cheerful tones and the joyful drums are not particularly present in the album. On the contrary, the deep bass and rhymes that characterize the artist from the beginning remain, especially in the first song be mine this christmas. Therefore, the trap, rap and r&b tones remain constant throughout the 7 songs of the mini album. However, Tiller manages to convey the christmas energy with all his “magical” words. The artist’s rhymes are once again punctual and prominent.

The album collabs and lonely christmas

The album contains some important collaborations. Among these, Kiana Ledé in presents and Poo Bear in lonely Christmas stand out among the names. Moreover, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber joined the production of the song

Together with the album, Bryson Tiller released also the music video of lonely christmas. 

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