Justin Bieber Keeps Rolling Out the Content

Justin Bieber is the gift that keeps on giving. Why? Well, this week alone the pop superstar gave his fans a multitude of content, including a movie, music video, and three extra songs off his most recent album, Justice. The “Ghost” music video, starring the one and only Diane Keaton, sent fans into a frenzy. “Red Eye,” “Angels Speak,” and “Hailey” were announced just afterwards – and the Beliebers spiraled. Though his new Amazon movie, Our World, was announced earlier, fans are nevertheless spoiled by all this content.

Justin and Diane Star in “Ghost”

Justin Bieber has emphasized the personal meaning of “Ghost” since the release of Justice in March 2021. Last month, “Ghost” became the sixth single off the album. In an interview with Dolby Atmos, he said, “My objective with making the song was to make people feel that there is hope, and the trauma and the hurt that you feel isn’t gonna last forever. It takes time to heal.” The music video, which features Diane Keaton as his grandmother, is about loss, grief, and moving on. The video runs more like a short movie than anything else, as it follows Justin and his grandmother as they try to move on from the loss of his fake-grandfather. Merch for the track can be purchased here. 

“Red Eye” is a Fan Favorite

“Red Eye”, one of three new songs off Justice, The Complete Edition, is the r&b and edm crossover that we didn’t know we needed. Featuring Justin’s velvety falsettos and an addictive beat, “Red Eye” is already becoming a fan favorite. TroyBoi’s feature completes the song. It was originally released as part of a physical copy of Justice exclusive, but Justin and his team decided to expand it to the entire fanbase. It’s safe to say they made the right choice.

Justin Bieber Sings Like One on “Angels Speak”

“Angels Speak”, the second exclusive expansion, is perhaps one of the most delicate tracks off Justice. Rumored to be about his wife, Hailey, this track shows him to be infectiously in love. Justin Bieber sings, “Your voice is music to my ears, I’m wide awake / Stuck on the way your frequencies resonate / You say that no matter what, you’re watching over me.” Undoubtedly, “Angels Speak” is a truly stunning song and a display of Justin’s raw vocal talents.

A Dedication to His Wife

Speaking of his wife Hailey, Justin dedicates an entire song to her. Titled “Hailey,” the third and last added song is an intoxicatingly happy track. Bieber sings of his dedication to his wife, with doting lyrics like, “This life is crazy / But it led me to your love / If you call on me forever I will come.” It’s no secret that Justin has a troubled past – but it’s his future with his wife that keeps him going.

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