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Jisoo Releases Her First Single Album, “Me”

Image Source: YG Entertainment

Jisoo, from powerhouse Kpop girl group BLACKPINK, has just dropped her first solo music: a single album entitled Me.

Jisoo and Me

BLACKPINK member Jisoo has just released her first piece of solo music! The single album, entitled Me, is made up of two tracks, “꽃(FLOWER)” and “All Eyes On Me.”

The single album accumulated more than 500,000 global preorders in only two days. Since the solo work of BLACKPINK’s other members—Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé—were so successful globally, fans can expect Jisoo’s Me to make the same worldwide impacts.

Check out the official music video, which already has more than 85 million views on YouTube!


“꽃(FLOWER)” is a dance pop song with an addictive hook and a fun harmony. In the song, Jisoo sings about how she’s moving on from a previous relationship. Her ex-lover was never able to keep up with Jisoo’s pace, and now she’s left them in the dust. All they have left is the scent of flowers that were once in bloom.

I fly away like a blue butterfly
It’s all on you that you didn’t hold on
Even the times that we were in full bloom
A lie, lie, lie to me

Crimsonly burned down you and I
I’m okay, would you be as well?
On a beautiful day without a single cloud

There was nothing left but the scent of a flower
Therе was nothing left but the scent of a flowеr

jisoo 'Me' album
Image Source: YG Entertainment

“All Eyes On Me”

“All Eyes On Me” is another dance pop song, except this one is a little more on the EDM side of things. In the song, Jisoo sings about how she wants people to pay close attention to her so she can pay close attention to what kind of person they are. The song is playful and confident, and it also has a bit of attitude.

One is not enough, look into my eyes
I don’t want half, just look at me only
That’s a given, it’s not so greedy
Riding like a wave, they all go
Make sure when it changes, it changed now
At the end of my love, the blue check heart is verified
I’ll show it to you now

Make me feel alive
Don’t fill it up with meaningless words
Focus on me now
So that I can know your mysterious heart

All eyes on me
All eyes on me

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