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For this feature Artiest Friday, we highlight American indie pop band MUNA. The band consists of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson. A trio of unapologetic queer icons. They released two studio albums with RCA Records. With About U in 2017 and Saves the World in 2019. From there the band joined an independent label Saddest Factory Records. 


Where MUNA has come from? 


The trio met in college at the University of Southern California. Gavin and Maskin were music majors, while McPherson double-majored in Narrative Studies and American Studies & Ethnicity. Beginning their collaboration in an experimental mode back in 2013. Maskin and McPherson have roots in ska and progressive rock genres. Working together, the band nailed their sound with their initial collaboration resulting in a pop song. MUNA’s debut album About U arose as an 80s synth-pop pastiche amalgamating curiosity and queerness.

This dynamic was shared by the trio in an interview with GayTimes says, “It’s encouraged to write about your pain so a white or straight person can empathize with your struggle.” With another bandmate interjecting saying, “No way, fuck that, read it and change how you live your fucking life.” The band is a trio of queer power folks. Therefore, they have to think about the necessary boundaries as a band and performers. The trio is sharing their unapologetic feelings shaking the music world with lyrics exploring past relationships, struggling with mental health, and, moving towards happiness. 

The name Muna is primarily a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin that means Desires, Wishes.

Where are they going?

Their self-titled third studio album set to release on June 24, 2022 and fans are ecstatic! With the excitement of the album, the trio is now arranged to embark on a tour. They start June 14th, with self-made sad label founder & performer, Pheobe Bridgers, with a sold-out show in Brooklyn, New York. Afterward, they will continue with a US tour until taking off to the UK leg of the tour. 

Purchase tickets on the band’s personal website: 


MUNA - "MUNA" Album Cover

MUNA is magic

MUNA’s music inspires other queer artists to express the queer experience. “At the end of it, it was exhausting to be embroiled in some kind of feverish, intense emotion. So, what if that emotion was fun and positive? I think that was what was missing from our discography and that’s what this new record does.”

MUNA has grown over its nine years. For instance, whether performing a cheery pop ballad or an acoustic slow-tempo song, the band’s entire set sounds like a jam session that you, the audience get to be a part of. As 2022 rapidly moves along, the trio is sure to gain more recognition and praise for their boldness. As the band ventures away from their solely pop roots and enters the world of rock confessionals. This seems to be a comfortable and authentic movement in their style. We at MUSIC DAILY and the rest of you are beyond excited to be on this journey with the featured artist MUNA.

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