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▶ Featured Artist: Tiffany Day

Tiffany Bites Back on The Renewal Project

Our Featured Artist highlight belongs to the bedroom-pop artist Tiffany Day. Her latest EP, “THE RENEWAL PROJECT,” finds the artist with more edge, trap beats, and unbreakable confidence. The EP’s cover artwork is an aura of red and orange, meaning strength, emotional balance, and ambition. Very much in line with this project’s attitude.


Tiffany Day Bites Back On "THE RENEWAL PROJECT" EP
Twitter: @tiffdidwhat

Artist Profile: Tiffany Day

Tiffany Day is probably one of the viral stars from mid-2010s Twitter. It all started with a family vacation to Italy. And, of course, her singing “Hallelujah” into a well. The rest is history. Regarding her viral moment, she said, “My whole kind of mindset going through that [her posting the tweet] was, ‘Huh, I really don’t post a lot of stuff on Twitter, like singing video-wise, so why not just post this.’ And I honestly hated that video, I won’t lie.”


Since then, Tiffany Day released a collection of singles and, now, four EPs: “I’M ALIVE” (2020), “THE RECOVERY PROJECT” (2021), “THE DEPENDENCY PROJECT” (2021) and “THE RENEWAL PROJECT” (2022). Her “grand plan” is to chronicle four EPs that “capture the best years of your life” at college, then release her first full album. Throughout the projects, she spans genres– like the pop on “THE RECOVERY PROJECT” and electronic on “THE DEPENDENCY PROJECT.” The single “IF I DON’T TEXT YOU FIRST” off “THE DEPENDENCY PROJECT” EP is a feel-good funky R&B track that resembles the writing of Canadian singer Jesse. However, her latest project, “THE RENEWAL PROJECT,” is a darker contrast to her catalog full of angst, confrontation, and killer basses.



This EP is something to add to your favorites list for 2022. The album opener, “Spoiled Bitch,” launches the sound in a very different direction than her past work. In the track, there are vocoder distortions, bass with a pow, and more trap influences. She shows her “crazy” or rather plays up what others think of her. Now, exaggerate it. Add some electronic trills. And you have a “Spoiled Bitch.”

“BITE BACK” is a sassy trap track that shows Day protecting her time and emotions from people that waste her time. On this track, there are more dynamics, relying on fast drum beats and dreamy R&B background effects. Towards the end, many backing audios clutter together. The only thing worth understanding is Day saying, “You’re the f*cking problem.”

“BROKEN PLATES” is probably the most radio-worthy song of the EP since it resembles the vibes of Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. “BROKEN PLATES” is a metaphor for broken relationships: if you try and put them back together, they are still broken and not the same as it once was. Rather than revving up to an explosive chorus, it uses the same cooly-plucked strings and bass. It uses spectacularly-placed effects, raw audio, and layering to make the track a funny way to say, “Damn, I still love you.”



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