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Carrie Underwood Announces “Denim and Rhinestones”

Carrie Underwood, American Idol winner and perhaps one of country‘s biggest stars, has surprised fans with the announcement of her next album. She reveals that Denim and Rhinestones, her ninth studio album, is set to release June 10th.

Carrie Underwood Has Been Busy

Though Carrie’s last country album dropped four years ago, the singer has been anything but idle. She released My Gift, a Christmas album in 2020, and My Savior, a gospel album, in 2021. The latter just won a Grammy for “Best Roots Gospel Album”, making for Underwood’s eighth total Grammy award.

Instagram Announcement

Underwood posted about Denim and Rhinestones on her Instagram, saying “I can’t wait any longer!! I have a new album coming June 10! Get ready for Denim & Rhinestones! Pre-order beginning at midnight ET!” The announcement came with the cover art, which sees Underwood donned in denim… and you guessed it! Rhinestones.

Two Singles Dropped

So far, Carrie Underwood has dropped two singles from the album. “Ghost Story” is a haunting song about the end of a relationship and the emotional baggage that comes with it. “Denim and Rhinestones,” which is the title track of the album, brings us back to Underwood’s pop-country roots. The love song is flirty, infectious, and fun – making for a perfect summer track.

Denim and Rhinestones Track List

Underwood gave fans a sneak peak at the Denim and Rhinestones track list on Instagram. In a short clip, she reveals twelve different song titles. Some of the most intriguing include “Velvet Heartbreak,” “Crazy Angels” and “Poor Everybody Else.” To see the full reveal, click here.

Carrie Underwood has been one of the biggest names in the country music industry for the last two decades, and for good reason. She delivers the vocals, lyrics, and soul needed for country music, and we’re sure Denim and Rhinestones will be no different.

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