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▶ Featured Artist: The Regrettes Make Triumphant Return on “Further Joy”

The Regrettes formed in 2015, first winning over their audiences with a modern-rock sound. Each subsequent album gave way to pop roots, which have fully taken in hold in Further Joy. The band lean in towards “poppiest and danciest album yet.”

The Perfect Introduction

“Anxieties (Out Of Time)” is the first track off Further Joy and serves as a hell of an introduction. Lydia Night, the band’s frontwoman, sings softly over a dreamlike backing. The Regrettes perfectly capture the uneasiness, intensity, and relief of anxiety cycles. Night sings with poignant accuracy, “I can see the silence / And it’s comin’ towards me / But my body weighs me down / And my mind is burning.” The band gets creative in the accompany music video, which you can watch below.

“Further Joy” Embraces Pop

“Barely on My Mind” is another standout track from Further Joy. The Regrettes fully embrace bouncy dance-pop while still including their signature honest lyrics. Lydia Night croons over an infectious beat, supplemented by an electric melody. If it weren’t already apparent, The Regrettes make their evolution obvious. “Barely on My Mind” includes strains reminiscent of 80s synth pop, and it truly works.

The Regrettes Have Evolved

The Regrettes polish their sound on “Better Now.” The three minute track is as lively as it is lovely, wrapping a bow on heavy-handed lyrics. More akin to a coming-of-age soundtrack than pop song, “Better Now” is a star of Further Joy. Night sings, “I’ll heal myself for the hope of someone else / I’d treat ’em better now / I’d like to treat me better now.” Admitting your flaws is hard in itself, but to do so on an album is another thing entirely. The Regrettes remind us that we are constantly evolving, recognizing our flaws and growing out of them. It’s evident that the band has flourished into something new, something refined.

Further Joy is an album that sparks conversations as well as dance parties. The Regrettes seem to be embracing their pop side, as well as maintaining vulnerability and honesty. The band is currently playing shows across North America, and tickets can be purchased here.

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