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▶ Featured Artist: Peach PRC Overcomes Pain in “Forever Drunk”

Rising Australian pop singer-songwriter Peach PRC released her new single “Forever Drunk,” following February’s “God is a Freak.”

Peach’s Music Has No Filter

Peach PRC is always making statements with her music. That’s a fact. Since her official debut last year with the single “Josh,” she has demonstrated that she’s not afraid to let the public know what’s going on in her personal life. “Forever Drunk” is not any different.

We know that Peach’s songs are always going to make us hate someone, laugh, dance, or cry. Whatever it is, we are always going to feel strong emotions while listening to her music. “Forever Drunk” talks about that moment in life when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, all because you’re going through a bad breakup and feel like there’s nothing else to look forward to anymore. “I’ll say the truth is I miss you, it hurts. I can’t think until I’m drinking first. Kicking and screaming, crash into the mess. I’ll never stop, they’re calling the cops on my address,” she sings.

Remembering Teenage Heartbreak in “Forever Drunk”

“‘Forever Drunk’ looks back at my first heartbreak,” Peach says. “When at that time I thought this teenage relationship was all I had in my life, I had no family, I hated school, I didn’t think I was smart or talented. So once I lost this person, I went into full-on teenage melodramatic devastation, groveling on my hands and knees begging to be taken back. I thought I would NEVER get over it at the time.”

Peach wrote “Forever Drunk” with the help of Grammy-nominated pop songwriter Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry, Britney Spears.) She adds, “Originally ‘Forever Drunk’ was a much sadder song, but Bonnie and I turned it into an anthemic “dance while you cry” bop, which is what I wanted the song to blossom into anyway.  Bonnie’s like a big sister to me, we talk all the time with each other, sharing our little DIY creative endeavors and random ideas at ridiculous hours of the night.  We’ve had such similar lives and have so much in common, not just in our bubblegum pop music but with our personal journeys too.”

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