Peach PRC Calls Out Her Ex in Debut Single ‘Josh’

Australian breakout artist and TikTok star Peach PRC just dropped her debut single ‘Josh,’ which completely calls out her ex who, guess what? Is called Josh.

From TikTok Star to Breakout Singer

The Australian Tiktoker gained popularity on the platform in 2019 after she dropped snippets of her first single, ‘Blondes.’ After it was officially released on streaming platforms and it gained more than 4 million streams, Peach dropped a second single, Colourblind.’ One year later, she decided that she wanted to try something a little different, which inspired her to write her debut single ‘Josh.’

“I’ve been wanting to put out this song forever,” she exclaims. “It’s very special to me, because it captured a real moment. I was a bit down when I was writing one day. My ex, Josh, kept calling me over and over again. He called all of the time, because he was trying to get back with me. I thought I had blocked him though. Since he didn’t stop bothering me, I wrote the song about him. It’s a true story, but it’s still meant to be fun and colorful.”

Peach Doesn’t Hold Back

In the single, Peach expresses how her ex was very clingy and he wouldn’t even pay for his own stuff. “And I heard you’re gettin’ drunk at bars still / Overdrawing credit card bills / Slot machines, casinos, what’s your deal? / ‘Cause you’re living like a baller / On a budget of ’bout twenty dollars / Plus my rent money you “borrowed.” She didn’t hold back on really calling him out!

Other lyrics clearly show that her ex has been trying to call her and she wants him to stop. “I think maybe you’re lost / I’m exhausted always cutting you off / Stop calling me, Josh / And I don’t wanna talk / When you’re knockin’ off, drunk at four o’clock / I thought you were blocked.” 

This is a song that girls and women all around the world will be able to relate to. Alongside the powerful lyrics it contains, the melody is catchy and makes you want to sing along. This is a song I can definitely see being on the radio. We’ll keep an eye out for Peach PRC!

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