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▶ Featured Artist: FLETCHER Shares Her Debut Album

Today, we are putting the highlight on FLETCHER, a rising pop artist from New Jersey. If you haven’t heard of her yet, let us tell you all about her!

FLETCHER Just Released Her Debut Album

Cari Elise Fletcher, better known mononymously by just her last name, is a star that keeps getting discovered and loved by many. Last month, she released her debut album Girl Of My Dreams, which put her on the radar of even more people. Some standout songs from the album include “Birthday Girl,” “Becky’s So Hot,” “Serial Heartbreaker,” and “Holiday.” Most importantly, she did not have any features in the LP, making it an entirely solo album. Good for her!

Explaining the LP’s Title Girl Of My Dreams

Speaking about the inspiration for the album’s title, FLETCHER narrated a wholesome story. “When my mom was younger she had a dream of a girl with long black hair riding on a horse, but she could never see what the girl’s face looked like. She had a feeling that the girl might be the daughter she’d have one day, but I turned out to be nothing like that girl.” 

“To me, it’s a metaphor for growing up queer in a small conservative town and feeling like I wasn’t any of the things that people maybe thought or hoped I would be. As I explored my queerness later on, there were a whole series of people who I thought could be the girl of my dreams. But after so many years of looking outside myself, I finally came to the realization that the girl of my dreams is me.”

Throwing it Back to 2016

Now, let’s go back a little bit. Even though FLETCHER now has an impressive 6.5M monthly listeners on Spotify (which keeps going up!) It wasn’t always like this for her. She has been releasing music since 2016, when she shared her debut single “Wasted Youth.” Needless to say, she has grown ENORMOUSLY both personally and musically since the single was released. 

She Has Released Three EP’s Throughout Her Career

Another important fact to mention is that although she just released her debut album, she is no stranger to EP’s. Also in 2016, only one month after dropping her debut single, she delivered her debut EP Finding Fletcher. Then, in 2019, she shared another one, you ruined new york city for me. Just one year later, she was back with THE S(EX) TAPES, her third EP. In each of these projects, you can hear how her sound starts changing, from slow-paced ballads to upbeat breakup tracks. Her vocals also grow notably, showing us how hard she worked to get to where she wanted to be. 

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