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▶ Featured Artist: Devon Again

Devon Again, 21-year-old alt-pop artist with an affinity for viral TikToks, made waves this year with the release of two different singles, “Burn Down” and “Suburbia.” Her vulnerable yet self-assured tracks are worth a listen and promise super-stardom.

“Suburbia” Love Triangle

She released “Suburbia” in July of 2021, a bouncy, alternative-edged track with stellar vocals. Devon Again’s distinctive voice is both calming and invigorating. She teased the track on TikTok months before its release, and fans were absolutely ecstatic at the end result. Yearning lyrics like “You think you know what you’re doing / But I’ve been looking to ruin your plan / More than a mid day amusement / I wanna be there when the night ends” make for an enchanting listen. The accompanying music video channels Harley Quinn, includes a love triangle, and lots of… beans. Take a listen and watch the video below!

“Burn Down” Los Angeles

“Burn Down”, which was released in November 2021, is an anti-Hollywood anthem. Devon Again, who moved to LA recently, sings slyly, “Smoke in my lungs and dirt in my mouth / I don’t give a fuck if the city burns down / let it burn down.” Her dynamic vocal range, as always, shines throughout the track. The rising star seems to stick to a theme in her music videos: canned food. This time, Devon Again dances around a cluttered apartment, elevator, and the streets of LA while enjoying Spaghetti-Os. Honestly, her music videos are just as intriguing as her music.

TikTok Star

Devon Again currently has more than 350,000 followers on TikTok, and the number grows each day. Along with music promotion, the artist posts candid clips of herself that showcase her animated personality. She also films herself singing “little song ideas,” which fans absolutely love. Devon Again’s vocal prowess, songwriting ability, and creative talent make her a surefire star. Check out her TikTok account here!

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