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ZAYN Enters New Era With “Love Like This”

The mysterious Zayn Malik has just released his electro-pop track “Love Like This!” In case you missed it, here’s some background plus some insight into the new song.

“Love Like This” Teaser Timeline

Credit: Photo taken from @zayn on Instagram

On June 28th, ZAYN took to Instagram and posted a short reel showcasing what looks to be a new era. With no words or music, the video simply displayed a dramatic close-up of the artist on a motorcycle staring directly into the camera before coming to an abrupt close (see left). The following day, we get a glimpse of a new song with a short clip playing the unknown track in the background. The sound fades out, the lyrics incomprehensible. And yet, fans swarmed to Instagram and Twitter, celebrating the return of ZAYN to social media. Though it’s only been two years since his latest album, ZAYN is known to steer clear from the public eye. Until now, he had gone radio-silent after the release of Nobody Is Listening– an album that largely flew under the radar. It appears he is ready to return to the limelight!

Moreover, it wasn’t until July 4th that we got the first real listen into the unnamed track. Singing on the top of a building donning a black and red leather jacket, ZAYN gives an exciting look into what’s to come. The Reel is still short, albeit longer than the teasers leading up to it. But it was just enough to stir up a frenzy amongst fans who were eager to see the artist creating again, both musically and artistically.

At last, all guesses were put to rest on July 10th. ZAYN posted a short clip of himself graffitiing the words “Love Like This” on a blank wall. The exciting part? The clip was the first time we can hear the chorus of the track, loud and clear. The video comes to a close after he paints the song’s release date on the wall.

ZAYN’s First Single of 2023 Out Now!

“Love Like This” released on July 21st and explores Zayn Malik helplessly falling in love. Both the lyrics and music video paint a picture of Zayn and his romantic interest. The chorus delves into the feeling of being all-in with someone. A ride or die. Someone to live for. Paired with the music video repeatedly and literally revolving around actress Grace Dumdaw, Zayn emphasizes that his world is centered by his special someone.

I guess that’s love like this / Usually, I never wanna jump like this/ But I think I wanna dump my chips ’cause/ I cannot go back. / I guess that’s faith like this / Give you everything and you can skate like this / But I think I gotta take that risk ’cause / I cannot go back.”

-Chorus for Love Like This

The music video captures Zayn’s relationship in its entirety. The thrills of riding his motorcycle with his significant other, signifying the exciting love the two have. The risk being outweighed by the reward of having one another. As a whole, the upbeat electronic dance-track takes the essence of love and translates it visually and lyrically. Zayn is all in, and he wants you to know it.

Check out the music video down below! Let us know what you think of Zayn’s new era down below in the comments.

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