Zach Bryan, Bon Iver, and Noah Kahan Team Up For EP

The new five-song EP dropped shortly after Zach Bryan’s self-titled album. The EP is titled Boys of Faith, and it features Bon Iver and Noah Kahan.

The singer-songwriter shared some of the new songs and discussed the EP on Instagram:

“Locked myself in a studio all week, wrote myself through a notebook, walked around with people I love in the city. Then went campin, felt restful and hopeful, thankful for breathing no matter the day… them boys of faith.”

Noah Kahan features on “Sarah’s Place,” while Bon Iver features on the title track of the same name.

Lyrical Themes on Zach Bryan’s Boys of Faith

The lyrics for Bon Iver’s feature are somber and nostalgic. “You were takin’ photos of me in Kentucky / Sayin’ we were lucky for the light / Who would’ve thought those things would find a Billboard / Way out in New York at night / Thinkin’ of the times that you didn’t bat an eye / All those of times, I shake / Them boys of faith /Them boys of faith.”

The lyrics for Kahan’s feature share a similar theme, looking back to the past with both pain and fondness. “Road dogs are built for sleepin’ in / I’ve been up since 4 am / At your worst, you’re better than my better days / There ain’t been no sun in LA / Since you moved out of Sarah’s place.”

This is not the first collaboration this month for Noah Kahan. We recently wrote about his duet with Lizzy McAlpine, quoting his Tweet:

“Lizzy gave this song new life when she joined me onstage in Los Angeles, and was kind enough to take the time to record a duet version with me. Her addition brings a hopefulness to this song that gave it a whole new meaning to me.”

-Noah via Twitter @NoahKahan

Speaking of Twitter, Zach Bryan’s is now deactivated. But according to Rolling Stone, he used the app to respond to a fan’s question regarding the song “Pain, Sweet Pain.” This track was previously unreleased and long-time fans have been anticipating its debut. The fan on Twitter asked if an “earlier post inspired the drop.” The singer-songwriter then answered, “No but a happy accident brother, God is good like that sometimes.”

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